New from Coventry

Met Cody James at the RI truckstop fueling up. He told me to join the forum.

Hello to all in Jeepland!



Welcome! It’s funny the people you meet at gas stations.

Yup…He was at the gas pump and I was at the diesel pump. He was looking at me funny. :smiley:

welcome Tim, usually that look scares people away, lol



Welcome, I also live in Coventry, off town farm rd


Welcome to the forum.

Welcome aboard Tim. Nice to meet you, Looking forward to having you and you buddy put a 4bt in my tj

That is just the way he looks. Don’t worry he is harmless!


LOL… Welcome to the forum!

Is this the same Tim with the red 4bt yj that I got the yj windjammer top off of a couple months ago? Either way, welcome to the forum.


It’s the beard I know you’re jealous :laughing:

Yup it’s me!

Welcome, from Coventry also, Only Zombie JK in Coventry

Nice, glad to see you made it over here. Thanks again for the top! Hope to see that 4bt on a trail ride soon that thing is awesome.