New from Blackstone

Hi. I am Brian Youngsma from Blackstone,MA. I have been wheeling for many years. I have a '98 Cherokee currently undergoing a 6.0 swap. I was also with Matt at the trail workday at Sawmill today. I will be attending the holiday party (I think Matt posted what I wanted for a meal). Looking forward to having fun with you guys in the woods!

welcome to the form brain…submit a application and yes I posted what u wanted for a meal…

Welcome Brian and it was nice talking to you today.

Welcome. Thanks for coming out yesterday.


Welcome to the Forum

Welcome, hope to meet you at a future event!


Welcome Brian


welcome to the forum. glad you made it out yesterday. It was definitely a SMASH.

sorry, Josh… I had to! :laughing:

Hello and welcome

Welcome Brian!

Thanks for the welcome. I just submitted an application for membership. :slight_smile:

lol its all good. sometimes you got to pay to play!