New for Jamestown

New guy to osj but not new to jeeps. I have a dd 98 zj 2inch bb 31 pro comps on soft 8s, 96 zj 4.10s under construction with 7inch iro long arms up front and a 8.8 with leafs out back. Now my pride and joy is an 88 short bed Comanche with 4.5 inches of lift and 33s. Glad i found you guys and can’t wait to get out and Wheel with ya. :smiling_imp:


Check the events forum. The next wheeling opportunity is next weekend in Westhampton, MA. Its a combination trail maintenance/wheeling day with terrain ranging from stock-friendly to extreme.

welcome to OSJ. i look forward to seeing the rigs.

Im wicked excited if i get in the club to be the only MJ

Read the by-laws. We don’t allow MJ’s!!!


hahaha you wranglers and your silly frames

I would love to find a Comanche,


welcome to the forum.


Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

Welcome!!! The number of us are growing on the other side of the bridges!