Neutral Safety Switch and inspections

Hey guys, so I brought my Jeep in a while back to be inspected and everything passed except the down stream o2 censor (it really needed a new cat) and the NSS. The thing I don’t get is once in a great while the heep will act up and only start in Neutral but it will not start in gear. This tells me the NSS does what it should? My reverse lights only work when they want but as far as I know you don’t need them for RI inspection. Would the NSS be the reason my CE light is on and is that why they would be busting my balls over it? I put a brand new down pipe, cat and both o2 sensors so I doubt the light is on because of that. I guess this turned out to be sort of a rant because I know I need to do something about it either way. I guess I will open it up this week and clean it out. Anyone know any other tricks to get the NSS to pass? I know to clean it and use dielectric grease inside and also that it could be a faulty ground.

the safety switch is there so that you can only start in park & neutral.
did you clear the code after you replaced your 02’s & what not

Yea, clear the code (disconnecting the battery for a couple minutes should do it) then drive it. If the CEL comes back on then read the code.

Are you ODB I or ODB II? ODB II supports codes for NSS failure. Whether or not they are implemented by Jeep I don’t know. Need to check the FSM for that.

I am OBD2 but that is how dumb I am sometimes, I didn’t reset the CE light… I cut my finger pretty good cutting out the old exhaust and between that and stress I was just happy to have it done and didn’t even think of it. I just tried starting the heep in every gear and it still only starts in P and N…I have no clue why it would come up as not working properly? Anyone want to suggest an inspection place? I am working on the east side of providence tomorrow (right near Shreks jeep I just noticed today as a matter of fact) and I was thinking about stopping real quick to try it again now that the Exhaust is done. Everything passed except that and the NSS. If the NSS fails again I guess I will just buy a new one.

did u pull into the parking lot and then drive out? i saw u. i was in the tow yard. but u were too quick for me. as long as the engine light is not on i can get it to pass. let me know when u need it done and i will see what i can do for u

Haha yea that was me, I would have stopped but didn’t want to be a bother. I am working a couple streets up from there and saw your Jeep this morning so I pulled in on the way home. How far is the shop from there? I could do it tomorrow if it’s close. If not I definitely need it done by Wednesday or my registration will be suspended. Give me a call tomorrow if you want. 401-626-1011 Thanks man, I really appreciate it!


Alex did you get a suspending notice for DMV yet?

Yea, it was supposed to be Wednesday of last week but I called and they gave me til this week. It is getting done Tuesday morning. It’s funny, my fender got pushed in today and now my door wont open but some how, my reverse lights started working haha, what a day.

ouch. well at least you wont be worried about trail damage

Oh trail damage I don’t mind at all, I already flopped in to a tree haha. It’s different when it happens in a parking lot lmao. Funny, I was just talking to John about this yesterday.

lol, thats what i was thinkin when i read that :laughing: