Need stock XJ coil spring

If anyone has a stock XJ coil spring kicking around and you are willing to get rid of it please let me know because i have a friend that is in bad need of one, his has broken off and he needs the vehicle, he try’ed to get one but its going to take awhile. Thanks,
Joe sr.

i’ll check to see if i still have my old stock TJ springs. i’ll let you know later

Thanks Derick



Jeeps Unlimited in Providence. I bet you could get one for $5-10.

sorry, i didnt get into the shed lastnight. i’ll check as soon as i get home.

Haha yes, JU= Jeeps Unlimited, Ray would probably take a cup of coffee for a spring

hell he might even give it to ya

JU oh ok i’ll tell him, Thanks everyone

sorry Joe, i just checked and i must have tossed the springs i had.