need bushing and or spacer for lower idler pulley

doing an OBA setup on my heep. had to add a second pulley near alt. i got the pulley, bolt, and bushing. is there a spacer that goes on the back? if i tighten it up the pulley hits the engine and wont spin. i put a couple washers on back and then it was sitting on an angle? my rig didn’t originally have a/c. does anyone have a junk engine laying around, or maybe someone with a/c on jeep, can you see if there is a spacer on the lower pulley or something?

My Jeep has the factory a/c setup. I’m not sure how your trying to set up the compressor on your rig but I looked at mine and it’s one serpentine belt for everything. I also have an engine outside on a cj5 chassis which you could take whatever you want off it. Hope this helps!

thanks Paul, but i took the pulley i bought back, and got another one. the 1st one seemed to wobble, i think the bearing wasn’t perfectly straight. so i just put some washers behind it to align the belt and it works fine now. now just need to wire it up and find a place to put the tank and i’m done. (until something else goes wrong, anyway).