Need Alignment help

I need to get an alignmnet for my Jeep. I’ve made a few calls and can’t seem to find anyone that will do it with my lift and tires. Does anyone know of a place that will help me out?

Do it yourself. Thats what I do. Even if you do find a shop that will do it the cost to get it done right will be alot more than the standard alignment because of so much trial-and-error with the adjustable control arms. Protractor and tape measure is all you really need besides wrenches. Toe is the most important adjustment. Caster comes down to a balancing act between vibration, DW, and straight tracking. I’d shoot for 0" to 1/8" toe in and 4 degrees positive caster with that much lift and 33’s.

the caster is fine with the Jeep. I haven’t has any issues with it. Its the toe in that we were having problems with today and that I need to be adjusted.

what i do is bungee a 2X4 or whatever to the outside of each tire. run a tape measure infront of and behind the tire. the front should be 1/8" shorter than the back.

i’ve also had Firestone at the RI mall do it for me. they can usually get it done in a couple hours. call ahead though.

I gave firestone a call last night and they said that they couldn’t help me because my jeep is too high. So I went out to my driveway this mornign and tried to do it my self. I got 62 1/8 in the front and 62 1/2 in the rear. Sould I try to get it down to an 1/8 or would it be fine how I have it now? I’ve been driving in all day and it feels good. Now I just need to unbot my pitman arm and straiten out my steering wheel.

if the wheel is not centered, you just adjust the drag link.

^ What he said. You don’t need to remove the pitman arm from the steering box. On the inverted y configuration adjusting the drag link does have a small affect on the toe. A trick I like to get in the zone is to unbolt the drag link from the pitman arm, center the steering wheel, and then start adjusting the drag link until the tapered joint fits together smoothly. This assumes that you already have the tires centered which I usually accomplish by driving back and forth a couple times before dropping the drag link.

ok but what if the pitman arm is centered along with every thing else but the steering wheel is still crooked by about 180*. Would I still be able to correct it by just adjusting the drag link and making sure that the steering wheel is strait? wouldn’t that make the pitman arm off then?