Need a new gas tank.

Just posting on here to see if anyone has or knows someone who is selling one for a 1996 XJ. I need one sooner than later.

Again? Lol

YjMike had a 93 he was parting out i think

lol yup I finally learned mhy lesson and am buying a skid for it as well.

yea I asked him about it and he said that it look in ok condition so i’m guessing it has some rust on it. I would perfer to get one that is rust free.

Rust on a gas tank? Aren’t they all plastic?

no for the XJ if it is a 1996 or older it came with a metal gas tank. 97 -98 was when they started to use plastic tanks.

Henry’s auto salvage in Blackstone has a few cherokees in there and the last ime I was there a couple weeks ago, there was a gas tank skid plate leaning up against the side of one of the cherokees. You might want to check there.

Crown has 'em

I would imagine that 96 and up is different due to the OBD II?

I would go with the plastic tank. Much more durable than the steel tanks.

The problem is that the plastic tank will not fit my jeep. The connections are different. Not to mention I would also need to buy the whole sending unit with it too because mine would not fit a plastic tank. I would rather spend $75 on a good used tank and put the rest of the $200 I would invest on a new tank towards a skid plate. Thanks for all the suggestions though guy, I appreciate it.

I think a new one is only $100?

Just get a fuel cell :smiley:

I have one for an 03 liberty< it may be addaptable