My Plans

Ok so these are my plans for my rig, any help or suggestions are much apprecated.
installed so far:
4" rough country lift (selling)
Front and rear addco swaybars
Rocky mountian offroad rock sliders
Replaced front drive shaft with double cardan style
JK wrangler take off wheels and tires 32"
Upgraded to 4 hole injectors.

Future plans:
Clayton 4.5" long arm lift kit (going to need help with welding if anyone is interested)
Billstine shocks
Under belly skid
285/75r16 tires (still looking)
Crager soft 8’s 16x8/4.5" BS
LSR Incline front winch bumper w/ radiator skid
Protofab rear bumper w/ swing away tire carrier,rear reciever and gas tank skid

D30 (front)
Arb locker
4.56 gears
27 spline chromolly u-joint shafts
Sleeves and C-gussets (maybe)

D44 (Aussie locker)
4.56 gears
Chromolly shafts

If needed I would do coil spacers and a hack n tap sye with rear driveshaft.

What do you think ?

Sounds like a solid plan.

I strongly recommend swapping in a WJ D44a in place of the D35.

You might consider an Eaton e-locker instead of the ARB. I’ve seen LOTS of D30 ARB’s stop working.

You did not mention anything about diff covers. I’d prioritize diff covers way above sleeves and trusses. In fact I don’t even think sleeves and trusses are worth the effort unless you plan to jump the rig.

sticking with the 35 out back?

I know the 44a would be stronger but I’m not a big fan of the lack of choice for lockers and gears or an aluminum housing. I was thinking a D44 out of a rubicon since it is just about tge right width ans has the same bolt pattern, but I don’t know how to weld all that good and I have no idea how to set it up.
I figure if I just truss the 35 I would be good since I won’t be going over 33’s.

It’s not the truss you really have to worry about, it’s the axle shafts. I have seen D35 fail even with alloys.
The image below had a locked D35 with alloy shafts on 33" tires. All he did was get the tire stuck between two rocks and SNAP! went the axel shaft.

I would save up for the 44 in my opinion, there are plenty of people on here who can help you out with the welding and what you will need to do.

my buddy Rich welded the brackets onto my 8.8 swap i’m sure he could help you out with welding. gear setup is a different game. there is a shop up by my work in MA that said they would do the work for $300-400 and the parts are on you.

The main reason in favor of the D44a is because the rear axle ABS also provides the signal for the speedo. 4.56’s are available for the D44a as are Spartans and Aussies. I believe alloys are also available.

I’m sure you could gets lots of good wheeling out of a Super35 kit if they have them for the WJ D35.

So here is what I think about the rear axle.
I did some research and it seems like the axle tubes flex alot and cause lots of breakage in the axles and ring gears.
So since I already have gears and a locker for the 35 I think I’m going to truss it and use it.
I’m not going to go with 30 spline upgrades because it would limit my choice of repair parts.
I’m going to pick up a 35 at the junk yard and start bulding it as soon as I can.
Both bumpers will be ordered within 2 weeks.
Can’t wait!!!

i might still have my old 35 from my TJ if you want it i’ll give it to you cheap along with a spare pair of axle shafts.

That would be cool but I think the tj’s are more narrow, I’ll try and look into it.

ok let me know. a little narrow can be handled with some wheel spacers too

WJ axles are completely different. They have a 3-link wishbone suspension and the wishbone mount is cast into the top of the pumpkin.

That’s right I didn’t think if that.

if you have the parts already, wheel it till you have an issue.

I personally would stay far away from a c clip axle like the d35. I would hate to see you throw money at something, that you are probably just going to replace with something stronger… but then again no body wants them, so I would imagine that parts would be cheap and easy to find :laughing:

x2 this is what I do :sunglasses:

Picking up a locked and trussed D44a tomorrow, doing 4.56 gears and new shafts (one is bent).
If anyone has a line on some cheap shafts let me know.

whats cheap? I have a whole d44a if ya need anything off it or just the shafts.

i hear Jeeps Unlimited basically gives them away

WJ parts tend to be a little more expensive.

I have a d40 mastr rebuild kit.

Also keep in mind that there is a case break between 3.73 and 4.10 carriers on dana 44s