my new bumper

New front bumper tuff stuff says it will hold 1250 pond winch and any one who has a tj 207 bucks. Came with d rings seems really well built we shale see came with new hardware

Nice. Looks great on there! now to get the winch for that empty space up front!

looks good


I am takening donations for that winch you speak of lol

Looks good bro save your money and get a superwinch 9.0 epi with synthetic rope :smiling_imp:

EPi’s are getting hard to come by. You can always take a shot at winning one of the new Talon’s:


Yeah i know. I need to buy another one (I was parting out my rig and sold it)
They are a great winch. I had my last one for 7 years used it more times then i can remember. It never let me down and it was fast.

Your right make it was fast