My 2002 Jeep Wrangler (TJ) Part Out
All Prices Negotiable, feel free to share the link around other forums
Thanks For Looking & hopefully an Xj is in my future

How much for the flat fenders

Sold to Cody As is the drawer & grill

No worries. I know he was looking for a set also. To bad about the jeep. Good luck

thanks Tad, you need/want anything else

I could use an non-dented oil pan for my 96 6 cylinder

Does this have the new or old style exhaust manifold?

oil pan has a ding ill post a pic in the morning, if you mean the mini catalytic converters than yes there only 3 years old too

No I mean the manifold that had the bellows in them versus the older ones that crack all the time. Let me know if you need a photo of the manifold I am talking about.

what do you have as a front axle

im pretty sure its the newer version but send a pic just to be sure

Derick im not sure if its the high pinion right now but its a d30 with an ausi & 3:73 gears

sye on the tcase?


Would you sell the oba setup minus the ac compressor? Been looking to do oba

photo of newer style manifold with bellows

Oil pan

I think it might be that manifold I’ll have to look but I won’t be home till Saturday afternoon.

Mike give me a call after 5

Pan looks good. Any luck on the manifold?

I believe this is the same jeep I saw on FB and asked about the top… Is there anyone going to the pig roast from the westford MA area? I can meet someone for the top and bumper locally. I am also in Cambridge and Boston a lot…

Glen I have not gotten a chance to look. I will be tearing into it on Saturday if you want to swing by to or from the pig roast if your going

You got it right Jeff. I will make plans to run it up to you as soon as I can

i am, i can pick them up and pass them off. we can work that out after. i’m always in the Cambridge area and the office is in Hopkinton

No problem, let me know when you have time to check it out. I will not be at the pig roast, I will be on my way to Maryland…yes fun…