motor mount lift

eventually, some time hopefully soon i would like to get rid of my trans case drop. doing so i believe i would have to do a motor mount lift? any suggestions on mounts to use, and what is degree of difficulty of this project. i have an sye, and would also assume i may not have to get into adjusting pinion angle, i hope. i plan on getting a sheet of 3/16" flat stock from mid city steel and making my own flat belly skid. i think derick may have recently done a motor mount lift, not sure if there would be any clearance issues with bell housing and firewall in doing this mod.

I just did this recently. Put in these guys: … _TJ_LJ.htm
The install wasn’t bad. Be sure to learn from my mistake and just do one side at a time and only jack up as much as you need so that you don’t pinch any wires into the firewall.

oh yeah, i remember that. i was checking MORE, but didnt see any lift mounts for my little 4cyl



Wait a minute. I thought a V8 swap was in the works?

never said v8, but a possible swap for more cylinders is certainly in the future. was just thinking if i keep what i have for now and run it into the ground prob should get rid of tcase drop.

i would go with 1/4" for the skid. 3/16" WILL bend. motor mount lift was pretty easy. just take your time and follow the directions. i have the MORE mounts and like them so far. i just did a straight swap, no lift.

3/16, 1/4…6 of one half dozen the other. i know its stronger, was just thinking weight. at the very least 3/16 is much stronger than whats in place. i could always have a few beads rolled into it for strength i think

I did it last year, but I did a 1" body lift with it. I used the more bomb proof motor mounts.

i had a 3/16" skidrow skid. it worked well but i definitely bent it, my 1/4" Clayton skid… no freak’n way am i bending that thing. if your taking the time to build it, build it once. there is def a strength difference and i think in that area it trumps weight

Duely noted then. However, in my short time looking for mounts, I haven’t seen any for 4 cyl engines

Browndog makes some good mounts from what i hear as well. i think Gene has a set … 5-25L.aspx … Proof.htm

Brown dog makes some beef cake mounts. And go with 1/4" for the skid.

ok, so after the recent sawmill run, i think my stock tcase skid has seen its last day as half the bolts holding it in place have sheered off. i looked into brown dog 1" motoe mount lifts. which are sold lift only for around $100, or mounts, cradle and engine brackets for $300. id rather not spend any of this money if i dont have too. but the idea of this project is to get rid of my tcase drop and fab a flat belly skid plate…so, since i have a sye, can i just squash the tcase skid without doing a motor mount lift?

any opinions and/or welding skills would be appreciated

Jay we all have seen you wheel that thing you need to go 1/4"

Bill (willyb) fabbed up a flat belly skid this summer. I’m sure he could answer any questions you have.

willyb? thought he crawled under a rock for the winter :slight_smile:

1/4" it will be for sure. just trying to avoid the added expense of a motor mount lift and work work accompanying it

i suppose i can move forward and just try shimming the axel if needed

1/4" plate is in hand, 1" MML arived last night

fab skills
more steel

well, so far this has turned out to be a much bigger project than anticipated, and more expensive. but my plan is coming together, progress is slow, but steady and waiting on a few components to arrive before i can proceed.
the motor mount lift was quite easy to my surprise. and good that i made the decision to do the mml, as you can see the oe drivers side mount was totally junk

before tuck

after tuck. still waiting on 1" body lift, i still need to tuck tc up a bit higher

after cutting off old tc drop, and making some ill advised cuts, the drivers side frame needs some repair. also think the frame was a bit punky under the old tc drop as well

byby, pretty beat up

nice Jay. you cant just weld in a new strip of steal in that slot?