Monster Jam Providence 2013

Who’s down, maybe we can get a group rate with Stacy’s or Jamie’s contacts.

Sounds good to me

Sounds good. Didn’t a few of us go to last years event?

I would vote for Saturday. I think there’s a trail cut on the calendar for Sunday?

i might be up to go. i’ve been wanting to bring my nephew

sounds good to me. itd be fun, im sure landon would love it. saturday is prob best for us

So it looks like we got about ten tickets, Sat seems to be the best day.

I think Nicolette and I would want to go.

sOUNDS FUN. I’ll see what I can do about getting group rates.

Im bringing the whole fam so I need four tickets 2 adults 2 children unless Jr is free. He is 2

3 to tickets please

they don’t do group tix on the Saturday event- they did however offer us a press box seating for $500 for 15 people - $34 per person. any additional tix over the 15 would be $27 each. what do we think? I got to let him know soon.

I’m going to be working the event this year for the shop. Hopefully doing something fun during the show.

sounds pretty sweet… i’ll have to check the finances tomorrow

im in for four tickets

OK. We have to have a minimum of 15 tickets in ordet to get the press box, so please let me know ASAP. I have to let him know if we are interested and payment will have to be made quickly.

That’s kinda expensive, but I’m still in. Beers better not be 9 f’ing dollars though

you can bet they will be

Jay lets have the wifes bring the BIG pocket book and bring our own

Am I in? And Roxie?

And we have converged on Saturday the 23rd? Club meeting is on the 24th.