metal supplier ?

hay guys

Anybody now where i can get metal supply area hear ?
i need rollcage tubing and square tubing also
i found a few online but the shipping these days is a killer
i would rather find a place around here and go get it so i dont have to ship it


I always go through Thavenet in Pawcutuck.

There are a bunch of steel distributors in the area but I have never dealt with them. I’ve called a few but I am typically looking for small quantities and they all seem to have a minimum order which can range from $150 to $500. They generally will only sell full lengths as well.

Whenever we need something at work we use south county steel

This is one of the places I’ve called. I believe their minimum order was $150 which is not so bad considering you can’t build much for less than that.

i use Accurate Metal Sales in southbridge and they stock hrew tubing and they trat me right. i have used sullivan steel in worcester ma but their prices were a little high.

   Accurate Metal Sales
   529 Ashland Ave.
   Route 131
   Southbridge,MA  01550
   tel: 508-765-4929

I can get it through my work i work in franklin and live in woony.i could price it for u pm me what u need it would have to be cash though let me know

Mid City steel, Westport Ma. They are right off 195, their prices are very fair and no minimum purchase.