Matt who lives in Boston (originally from WV)

Good afternoon everyone.
I know I’m outside of the “territory” but I enjoyed meeting a number of your members last year at GTD and, as I was told by a member of the club, my homepage and Facebook has a number of the member’s rigs just lined up. Along that line, I’m currently finishing development for a new door that we can use on our Jeeps, Bikini Doors. I’ve mixed the best of both worlds. Protection from the elements while not needing to lug around our normal doors or the clunky soft doors, they fit nicely behind your rear seat.
Enough about the doors, I’m not trying to sell them here, especially since I don’t have them done yet. However, in order to get the word out, I started a contest on our Facebook site on which this crew has an advantage. This drawing will happen one week before GTD and will include anyone that tags themselves in the photo we are using for our banner. Just go into and tag your Jeep (or someone else’s that you like) and you’re entered. I’m also, as long as they’re done by May, planning on donating a set of doors at GTD for the club, so best of luck on both.

I’m also looking for some testers for the doors so feel free to PM me if you’re within driving distance from the Boston area.
Finally, if I’m breaking any rules here, I apologize, I’ll be happy to take down or edit the post.

It’s great meeting everyone. Happy Jeeping.

welcome to the forum. Are you making any doors for the XJ?

Welcome Matt!!!

Looking forward to hanging out soon. I’m a Grand Cherokee guy myself but we have plenty of Wrangler folks (too many!)

While I’ll work on making doors for the XJ, that will probably be a while. I have too many Jeep friends that ride them to ignore the audience. I’m afraid I won’t have them before topless day but I’ll keep the forum informed, or you can follow us on FB. If nothing else, I plan on doing a number of trail cleanups and runs, you’ll be informed of what we’re doing.

Welcome and can’t wait to see some finish products

Welcome to the forum Matt

plug away. i know i’ll be interested in a set once you are ready to sell them. i have a set of the clunky canvas half doors and sometimes they really are a PITA to lug around especially when the weather is nice but you have to drive on the highway. its amazing how much wind a set of half doors block.

Welcome Matt

YEAH! Another Beantown person!! Where are you in Boston? I’m in the North End…this group is very welcoming to “outsiders.”

Welcome to the group, and I’d be happy to test out some doors for you. I will ditch my half solid doors in the snow even. I hate them.

Welcome Matt! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the doors. I have hard doors for the winter, and Besttop full soft doors for the summer, but quite frankly the Bestop’s fall apart on a regular basis. I’m down with trying something new!

ps. How the hell do you tag yourself in a facebook photo? I can see my jeep, just can’t figure out how to tag it!

OK, so it seems as though nobody can tag themselves in any photos so I’ve set it up to just “like” the image and you’ll be included in the contest. As far as the few other questions, I’m living in the dirty Dot now and have been for about 8 years. I’m also running a promotion for “early adopters” that want to get the doors first, give feedback and get half off everything we ever produce in the future (next-gen will be based on the feedback from our MVP). I’m only able to run this for 25 people per Jeep style and adding your name doesn’t sign you up to buy, just says you’re interested. I’ll be reaching out to everyone when we get the TJ setup to see who wants in, then the next models to follow.

It’s great to see such nice feedback, I’m glad this is something people are interested in so far.
Have a great day!

Welcome, plus I signed up for you.