Mastercraft 33's for sale

Mastercraft 33x12.50x15 $450

yj wind shield frames one oem complete mint $200, one aftermarket new in the box $150, white yj full doors solid $450. yj grey buckets very nice $200 plus a ton more ax 15, ax5 ba10 and t cases

Pics of tires?

i’ll ask and let you know

pics added.

he also has a set of 33" BFG AT’s and a set of 31" General AT and all have good tread. i believe the bolt pattern on the wheel are 5X5.5

wish I had the money. :cry:

I need two 33’s with good thread let me know if you can come up with some, BTW i don’t have a lot of money :laughing:

I think Willyb might be looking for a windshield. :laughing:

i just noticed this. actually i might be. the crack is hidden by my expired inspection sticker so i think i’m ok :laughing:

i think he told me the brand new one was going for 100 or 150 and the other one complete with everything that comes on a windshield for 50 buck more… if your interested let me know and i can get you in contact with him.

update for anybody looking for tires.

32X12.50XR15 on 5 4.5 black rims nice AT’s $450

31 ss tsl no wheels like new $500

still got the 33 bfg AT 5 for $300