loose pitman arm.

Well I figured out the problem to my loose steering on the XJ. Right where my pitman arm bolts to the steering box there is some play in it. When I turn the steering wheel the arm tends to go up a little and then start to turn. My assumption is that sense the arm is not perfectly strait with the alignment, when I turn the wheel the circumference of the arm has to back track before reaching the top of the circumference to start extending the drag link in the right direction. I was thinking about unbolting it and having it be perfectly strait with the steering wheel might fix it. The part that I need help with is what size socket is that bolt and does anyone have one that I could borrow tomorrow night. Cause I would like to drive the Jeep to the meeting on Saturday.

i’m not 100% on what size it is but i’m betting your going to need a pitman arm puller either way.

think i have a puller.

the pitman arm only goes on one way. theres a key in the splines at least thats how it is on most cars. the fsm dosent say anything about it. not sure off hand what size it is either. i know i have the socket but it dosent help much as its in NY

x2 on the arm going on one way, you can’t just move it. you can center the wheel and adjust by the drag link

then how is it possable for there to be play in the pitman arm and the steering box? that is were the cause of my loose steering is. would just adding some washers to the bottom of the pitman arm so that it eliminates the play take care of the problem?

? maybe the steering box is loose? where do you live? maybe I could look at it

oh I see, Cranston. wanna bring it to North scituate?

ya, you should be able to center the wheel with the drag link adjustment collar. do you have a drop pitman arm?

you can adjust the steering box but its not reccomended. whats ur email i will try to send u the service manual? or i can look at it for u on sat

I did not think it was possible but I also have some backlash between my pitman arm and the sector shaft. And this is with a new steering box just over a year ago. If torquing the nut does not help then the splines are worn and you may need to replace parts.

Besides that, the lifted geometry itself creates play. The forces in the drag link are higher and it flexes more (and so does the frame) plus there are dead spots in the ends; they tend to roll a little bit before moving.

I actually just moved to Greenville so I can come by some time tonight, or tomorrow morning.

yea it came when I bought the lift kit.

you’ve got a PM

yea I figured there would be some play but I can turn my steering wheel a quarter turn before my wheels will start to turn. I figure that just a little too much play.

when you say tonight, what time do you mean?

I was thinking some where between 5pm and 6pm.

that will work. 523 329two

good seeing you chris. Someone have a socket to tighten his pitman arm? I think thats all it needs. I had a 33mm and a 36mm, so it is either a 34-35mm

Thanks again Bob for taking a look at it. What Bob siad, It looks like i’m going to need a 34mm 35mm socket and an air gun to try and tighten the bolt some more.

I have a socket that fit my pitman arm nut. And I also have an impact wrench (although its probably better to use a torque wrench). If you are interested, we can fit the job in around the club meeting tomorrow.

yea that sounds good to me :smiley: see you then.

I knew Eric would take care of you. :wink: