Looking for willing hands to help install a new lift

Im looking to see if anyone is willing to help over this weekend install my new 3 inch lift. If we do it at my house in Cumberland I will supply the BBQ food, Cooler, driveway and we have a pool in the back. We could turn this into a BBQ also if people wanted to bring their kids or family they could all play in the pool and yard out back while the Jeep was worked on in the front. I have had some people say they may be available this weekend but maybe we could pick a day or time we could get the most hands and enjoy some time by the pool after we get all dirty. Below is the lift that just arrived via the Brown Santa. I’m free all weekend and while I offer my house to do the work if someone has a better set up i will travel anywhere.


Im not sure about this weekend…if its not installed by next weekend i can give you a hand. My opinion find someone who has an air compressor thats willing to lend you a hand. It makes it a million times easier.

Thanks. If I can find some willing hands this weekend thats great but I don’t want to rush it so I can always wait to do it when there is more time to schedule it. I guess I’m just a bit excited to get it done. Im going away with the family up North the weekend of the 4th and on Sunday the 11th is the New Bedford Whaling Festival Stacey mentioned.

Who are you trying to kid? You want it done NOW, Dude! :laughing: You can’t wait on things like this! It’s like getting a swimming pool for Christmas…

LMAO You are sooooo right Stacey but I also know my limitations so i’m smart enough to know I can’t do it alone and need the assistance of people who know their way around a Jeep. So I am forced to sit and stare at the boxes like my kids do on Xmas eve. The only difference is I was able to open the boxes but its worse because I cant play with it…

Unfortunately i can not help this week end, i have to hove at least 2.5 bedrooms to our new domicile & finish the roof on my shed.
If you truly can wait till next week end i can possibly throw my compressor in the truck & some tools and head up

We cannot do this weekend either, next weekend is possible though.

^ Good person to have around. Helped me and my buddy and my dad put the lift in my XJ. Even let the truck sit at his house over night when my jeep kept breaking everything possible :laughing:

But your lift shouldnt take as long as that haha

nah TJ lifts are cake should only be a couple hours. gotta love coil springs all around

where ya planing on installing the lift?

Thanks to all for the offers of assistance but I couldnt stand the wait so I installed the lift with a buddy of mine today who had all the tools and air. We started at 9am and finished at 6am. Overall while it took all day we didnt run into any problems. It looks great and no vibrations at all. I do need to have an alignment now though so my steelring wheel isnt cocked 90 degrees.

Damn, if you can finish 3 hours before you start you can work on my Heep any time!! Just kidding haha, glad you got it done man, now we just need pics!

man, if i knew you were going to do it i would have stopped by to watch

Awesome. We want to see pictures!

I will take some this morning when I go out for coffee. What a difference a new top, rims, some new shoes and a lift do… pictures to follow

Here is the link to the pictures of the Jeep before, during and after.


looks good man! no problems with the install i take it. its pretty straight forward with TJ’s

It went pretty smothly actually. We followed the directions and went step by step so while it may have taken a bit longer we made sure we didnt miss anything. I have no vibrations at all and no funny noises so it was a success.

nice! maybe if i can find some wheels before this weekend we can hit up a small run to test everything out.

She’s all growed up! Looks great, Craig! We had to go to a recital at Woonsocket High yesterday and we almost stopped by but we weren’t sure exactly where you were.

Congrats! So exciting!