LOD rock slider install help needed

Sunday I’d like to install these rock sliders that have been sitting in a garage for 2 months and not on my jeep. :blush: :blush: :blush:

If anyone is around I could sure use the help. Project JK did an install on them a while ago and it doesn’t seem that hard but needs some extra hands. Also, I have never tapped a hole in metal, let alone the frame of a vehicle before and wouldn’t mind some of the OSJ expertise. I also need a couple things I don’t have:

  • A floor jack
  • A center punch
  • 7/16" NF20 tap and drill set
  • cutting oil

ANY help you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated. Beer and pizza for all. Plus there will be a double super secret, G-14 classified trail ride/exploration. Here’s the link on Project JK so you can see what you may potentially be getting into.

Project JK LOD Rock Slider Install

Let me know if you’d like in.

I should be able to help out. Where you want to do the work? We could potentially do it at my place if necessary.

I just bought a house in Western Coventry with a big detached workshop in the back if you wouldn’t mind the trip to Coventry.

I might be able to help also. I will be up that way all weekend. Let me know the times you plan on doing this Sunday!

Sunday morning will be good. Maybe 9?

Oh 9 on a sunday might be a little rough. I will be recovering from a night of drinking at a wedding! Lol

I could be free in the afternoon possibly after a few bloody marrys and a beer. Haha

Yea, 9 might be a tad early. But otherwise it sounds like a plan.

Haha. I’m working until midnight the night before so that definitely is good for me. I’ll probably start working on it around 9. Does anyone have cutting oil, a tap set, or a floor jack?

i should be able to swing by sunday. 9 will be tough but get started and i’ll be there around 9. just shoot me a message with your address, i have drill bits and a tap kit but no floor jack. but nothing some 2X4 or cinder blocks cant handle.

Floor jack: check.

PM sent.

I’m still planning to be there in the morning.

John, I will bring that camp chair you left at Fall Crawl.

I can come by around 11, if that works. send me the address

Just in time to bring beer! :smiley:

:laughing: ok


Hey sorry I couldn’t make it out today! Ended up having a big family brunch that went on FOREVER!!! How did it turn out?

Mission accomplished. More or less.

So, did the LOD’s go on?

I do like those. One of the guys in SSW has them on his JK Unlimited. Very stout looking. My Olympic sliders have seen better days and are wedged against the rockers on both sides. I’m torn between the LOD’s or boat siding.

sorry i didnt make it Jim, kinda spaced out about the meet up and slept in after a couple long nights.