Locker install question

I have a 95 8.25 rear in my Xj with 3.55’s. I have a locker with 30 spline axles out of a 98 8.25 , with same gearing. Can I just swap carriers and axles ? And not worry about shimmimg and other tecinial stuff ?

What type of locker is it? I’m guessing that it is an ARB because they are the only ones that I know of that have a 30 spline option. If you have a 97+ 8.25 it is a 29 spline and on 96 and down it is 27 spline. If you are pulling out the carrier I would think that you are going to need to re shim it. My suggestion would be to just pick up a 97+ 8.25 install the locker and even go the extra step and replace the seals and bearings if it needs it or anything else that may need to be replaced and just swap it out with the one you now.

I’m sorry after recounting splines on axles there are only 29 splines I do have the 8.25 the locker came out of it’s the original one that came with my Xj which is a 98. I bought the Jeep in Dec. I believe the jeep was under water for some time. I might have went a little to far and changed front and rear. Along with u-joints tie-rods ball joints you name it due to stuff seizing up. When I opened rear and there was a locker. There was fresh oil in it, only about a quart. Didn’t see metal chips oil was clean i pulled locker out but tubes are full of rust. I think the pinion bearing is bad. Can feel a grind. So I was just thinking of putting it in the 8.25 that is in my jeep which is a 95.

But if it would be better to rebuild the rear it came with and the rust is no big deal. Does anybody in club know how to set it up. I will be willing to pay someone and maybe help so I can learn how to do it. If anybody is interested let me know.

i dont think you can just swap the carriers it will require you to reset the shims. not sure if anyone here can but Bob at Bay State can set them up for 300-400. my 8.8 was rusted inside and out. i took it all apart, cleaned it out and put it back together. its been a couple weeks and still going strong.

Hi Jim, We talked about this during the trail ride but I still don’t understand the situation. If you have the WHOLE AXLE with locker and the gear ratio is the same as your front then it would be better to swap the axles. If all you have is the locker, gears, and axles then you need a proper gear set-up to swap them over (I assume such a swap is possible but do not know for certain). What kind of locker is it? Aussie? If so then perhaps you can swap just the locker and axle shafts into your existing axle carrier? Definitely worth investigating.

New topic. Your passenger during Sunday’s trail ride was shooting lots of pictures with a high-end looking camera. Any chance I can stop by and copy the photos onto a stick? I can come to you tomorrow evening (say after 6-7 or so).

If it is a lunch box locker(aussie, lock right) then just rip out the spider gears install the locker with the 29 spline shafts and be on your way. I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t have to replace the carier because of the difference shafts between the years.

I believe it’s a Detroit locker. I’m probably using the wrong language ,I’m a novice at this haha. I Have two axle housings. I have locker with ring gear on it and 29 splin axles. They are out of that axle housing. I want to know if I can just swap them into the axle housing allready installed in my XJ without a lot of setup? I think that’s a little clearer i was starting to confuse myself. Thanks

the short answer is no.

to lock the axle easy and cheap, install whats known as a “lunchbox” locker, such as an Aussi, lock right etc…

But if it really is a Detroit locker then use it. The newer ones are smooth and quiet on the road. I can barely notice mine, even when powering through corners.

you can not stick 29 spline axles into a 27 spline carrier. i think it would be easier to take the whole housingand swap it. then you dont have to worry about setting it up … 599752.jpg if that worked that is what locker looks like.

ya, thats a full case locker which would require a resetting up the gears if swapped into another axle.

It does not look anything like my Detroit locker. Looks more like a Tru-Trac.

What about if you swap the side gears? But yea, simplest solution is to swap the whole axle if the gear ratio matches the front.

Brought it down to shop , guy wanted me to buy new ring and pinion. Due to some pitting in ring. Not ready to do that unless I regear. Don’t want to spend money on the d35 up front. And he wanted way to much. Maybe I need to forget about that locker and look into a lunchbox locker. Probabley be cheaper thanks guys

it is around $200 for a lunchbox type, and you can (I think, I don’t know you well yet ) install it yourself. or with help.

can you post a pic of what you have?

I tried to post a pic all I can get is thi link up. … 599752.jpg