Locked Rear End Issues (help my baby)

OK - here is what I know:

04 TJ Rubicon
R&P gearing and bearings replaced in the rear end
Jeep is now staying locked

My only mechanic I have here won’t do anything but replace the diff - open being the cheapest, and parts alone $7-800.

Help. I’m out of money, and just need this to be able to drive right now. I’ll deal with wheeling once I catch up on my bills. I need ideas…

I think you have an electronic locker. If power is removed from it will it switch to open?

Its actually air powered.

I’d be very surprised if something is wrong with the locker itself. At least something that would cause it to remain locked. There is a known and very common issue where overtighening the fill plug causes the locker to engage. Second on the list of possibilities is a bad sensor. If the sensor incorrectly says the locker is locked then the PCM will engage the locker (so says the service manual). Its not uncommon for the sensor and/or actuator to be installed improperly causing the locker to engage. The problem is so common that there are numerous YT video demonstrations of the installation procedure.

Pull the fuse for the locker pump or diss onnect the power supply. No air= no engaging right?

No. If the fill plug presses on the actuator pin then it will actuate the locker.

from what i found on the web try what eric is saying first. if that does not work when they installed the plunger for the locker light wrong

jk-forum.com/modified-jk-tec … ks-125889/

link above has good pictures of both right and wrong

try backing up and driving forward a few times.

they bind up sometimes dont unlock until you do this

Eric is coming up Sunday to try to plug thing. After that, I don’t have anyone in Boston to take it to…so I’m in quite the shit position. Anyone know/have/is someone who can help me open this and get it fixed soon? I can’t drive it anywhere locked up like this

I’ve been driving/parking it for a few days now - no change.

We could swap axles… I really hope you get this resolved soon

I am sure it’s either the plug or the switch for the indicator light. It looks like if it is the switch you might be able to take it off and plug the hole till you can get it fixed.

how did you make out with this?

Loosened fill plug and that did not solve problem. Opening cover is the next step.

Drove to RI to open the cover…lifted it up…and the little bitch is unlocked. No idea.

Haven’t tried the switches…gonna leave it alone till we have a little time to mess with it (I’m thinking 2015). Want to test it out before Crawling for a Cure.