Lifting Roxies Jeep

Yet another tech day going on this weekend. We are lifting Roxies Jeep. And in between trying to work on my sliders. This work will no doubt span the whole weekend. Anybody who wants to stop by and observe is welcome.

Beer is available!!!

Lots of Beer :mrgreen: It is Eric’s house after all.

We are lifting the ass end today (Sunday) - and if the rain holds out gonna BBQ after… C’mon down!

I like when you leave keys and your jeep happens to end up on the rti ramp lol

I was cool with it. :slight_smile: I squealed with excitement!

She said squealed. Hahahahahahaha


this was a good thread to enter.

Wish i could help, but my weekends are getting booked up quickly.
I’m not the most machanicly inclined, but i could of offered up some bad comic relief.

Meh - it was mostly banging and lighting stuff on fire. :wink: