Kinda a shot in the dark..

Does anyone know of/have a spare 4 liter or a spare thermostat housing? I cracked mine yesterday and the only dealer that had one was closed(bald hill…metro told me to call there)

I need my vehicle and this puts a crimper in it running again lol. I will pay depending on price.


Can’t find one at a junkyard?

How did it crack? If from overheating then you could be facing more serious problems.

I found one at the junkyard. But they closed at 12 when I realized it was cracked at 11:45.

I cracked it trying to fix a leak. The paper gaskets suck.

Jeeps Unlimited in Prov?

didnt check them

but napa had one and I bought it…when it stops pouring outside ill see if she works.

found one at NAPA just before they closed at 5. Now just waiting for the rain to clear.

great success

i find getting the parts is the time consuming part. glad you got it done. how about coming by and checking my truck out for me.

whats the issue?

clicking during acceleration

and youve eliminated the u-joints right?