Just snapped my leaf spring..

I can wheel without breaking anything but it seems driving on the road makes mt Heep fall apart. One of my leafs broke but it seems like a whole piece broke off of it and for some reason the clamps are slid all the way to the front and all the way to the back. I don’t know if I should try to have it fixed or just order 2 whole new packs from IRO. Their packs look nice but for the money I could buy their rocker protection. I don’t know wtf to do, I’d really like to have it set by Sunday for the festival but I doubt that’s happening. Maybe I can just clamp them back down before where the break is on each side? :cry:

that sucks… how much lift is your springs for?

kind of sounds like a broken center pin?

I was thinking the same thing. It happenned to Chris (rustedxj) a while back.

Ricky, it’s 5.5". The Iron Rock kits looks SWEET and I am really starting to want it but would rather have the rocker protection for the same price i think.

Even if it is a broken center pin why would the leaf be in 2 pieces? What did Chris have to do with his to get it fixed? Thanks guys, I have never had this problem before so I am not sure of what I should be doing with it.

i’m a snobby coil spring guy but i would say if you’re ready to upgrade do it, instead of fixing what is broken… but then again thats just me.

I wish I had coils in the rear…

I don’t mind upgrading to the IRO packs but it kind of sucks it wont be done for the whaling festival. Maybe I can find a temp fix or something.

Grand Cherokee!

if you cant upgrade try to see if you can get a leaf that is the same size and install a new center pin

Eric, I found a 4 link coil conversion so I think that will be the plan when I upgrade. For now, I am going to take the pack down to Palmer Spring tomorrow and see what they can do.

Palmer will take care of you. (leafs unite!) :laughing:

I will go to them and PRAY they can do it before Sunday.

Just the main leaf broke right at the center pin but the center pin looks fine. The leaf looks like it has been broken for a while, I guess it finally just let go.

thats a good possibility, check ur other side too. could be why it sags so much. mine were cracked and i didnt even know it

Hmmmmmm . . . I ain’t ever seen a cracked coil spring before.

whats this

or this


Tuning the spring rate.

non essential


Im thinking that you forgot to check out the fan when you were here :unamused: