Johnny Joints question

I’m planning on buying new johnny joints for my Rough Country lift. Got some major clunks coming from the joints, and everythng I read is that Rough Country joints suck. I was thinking of either getting the Ballistic Forged joints or the Currie enterprises billet joints. Does anyone have experience with either one of these joints? They both have their good points, so I don’t know which one to go with. Any help would be appreciated.

I just bought 14 2.63" ballistic joints, and they are beefy as hell. They are completely rebuild-able which is a huge plus. If you want to handle one let me know.

I haven’t installed them yet, since I bought them for my build; so I can’t really give you an accurate account of well they where.

I’ll post some pics here tomorrow

Also I got a 10% discount code for balsitic :sunglasses:

Did you get the ones with the bronze inner races? I like that they were $20 apiece cheaper than the Curries too.

I run the Curries and they are the GOLD STANDARD.

In the past Ballistic has had trouble filling orders but they seem to have solved that problem. I believe Ricky got his order filled in a reasonable time frame.

Either way will be a considerable upgrade.

i’ve heard bad things about the ballistic stuff in the past but i think they are turning a corner on quality. i have Curries and have zero complains after 3 years of minimal maintenance use.

The order shipped same day, and there over 80 items in my order

No they have replaceable poly bushings’ I’ll post a pic in the am.

These are the ones that I got … _1636.html

Ok Thanx for the input. I guess it’s a matter of preference then. The curries are definitely more money.

I posted a few more pics in my photo album for ya

look’n good Ricky

Ended up getting a pair of these. … _1786.html

Those are nice rod ends. :sunglasses:

X2 on that…

I was kinda nervous about the bronze races and road noise, but they said that there wouldn’t be any. Anything’s got to be better than the sound of my front end now. Sounds like its gonna fall out.

Put the new jopints in today. Man are these things beefy, no ruber, plastic or poly in them. Truck rides 100% better. No more strange banging coming out of the front anymore.


Glad to see that Ballistic is filling orders in a timely fashion again.