JKU Rubicon lift kit ideas and suggestions?

So here’s the scoop…I’ve got a 2012 Rubicon Unlimited and plan on upgrading from my stock wheels and tires to 35’s (thinking the Goodyear Fierce MT on procomp steel rims).
I am real lost as to what I want for suspension lift. I am looking for something with quality that I won’t have to upgrade for a couple of years, vehicle is used as a daily driver, and can handle most off road trails on club trips. Looking to stay under $1000 with $1500 limit.
I also want to upgrade my exhaust for more off road clearance/protection and beefy, throaty sounds.
Any and all suggestions, ideas, comments appreciated :slight_smile:


Nick if you are looking at 35s you want to stick with a 2.5 or 3 inch lift. I got a Rubicon express 2.5 inch lift. Basically shocks and springs. Rough country has them too. There are a ton of companies out there with those size lifts. I have no complaints with my RE. Easy install and has handled well. Cost about 800 bucks. Save you a little to get some skids


We just did an install in Gene’s (Pellaman) 2010 2 door Rubicon for 35’s. He used this Rough Country Lift Kit: http://www.roughcountry.com/jeep-suspension-lift-kit-609s.html.
I personally have been really happy with my RC 2.5" lift and Gene has been having a ball since the upgrade.

Like Matt said save some money to put into skids.

Put a rough country 3 1/2 suspension lift with 35" federal mud tires bought from zeeks on 44 in Deighton. Very happy with what I did

Just don’t follow Gene on the trail! :open_mouth:

what are federal tires?


The company founder was a former suspension engineer at Jeep and knows what he is doing.

The 3.5" Dual Sport is a COMPLETE kit with Bilstein shocks specifically valved for the kit. At $1725 its a bit over budget but the value is there.

Name of mud tire I bought at zeeks tire on 44 in dighton

Eric was directing me :open_mouth:

Fixed it for you… :laughing:

My 3 1/2" suspension lift and 35" tires gave me 5 1/2" of lift. Lift kit cost around $550 and gives a better ride than stock. I personally don’t feel the need to upgrade from here and I follow Eric :laughing: