Jks trac bar

I have a jks trac bar my jeep started to shake trying to figure it out. I just put on new rims and had the trac bar in for a couple of years now. Does anyone have this set up I know it’s rebuildable but would like to compare to mine.

I’d start by making sure your caster angle is at least 5 degrees positive.

how are the bushings?

Didn’t take them apart yet. It’s like a Jonny joint

Try switching tires around. Since you got new rims, one of the tires may not be balanced correctly. Also check the bolt & bolt hole in the bracket at the axle, could be loose (don’t take much) or the hole could be wallowed out.

I think I found the issue there is a little play on the trac bar. I’m ordering the rebuild kit. And at the mike Landon’s tech day I’m going test out the balance on the tires. I’m using the BB’s in them now hoping I put enough in there.


i had an issue with my track bar on my TJ where I lost the backing nut and had to put what I had in which was the wrong size. Event though it was good and tight. I had it wasnt the right size -Total Death Wobble at 40MPH. Got to ACE hardware bought the correct nut and put it back on, the ride home was like butter. I was at the Summit and was 1.5hr from home and nearly took a flat bed until I made it to ACE. small tolerances make a huge difference with Steering geometry…