JK Rubicon OEM Rock Rails for 4drs NEW

Just in time for the toy run I’ve got a set of new take off Rubicon Rock Rails. Getting ready to list these on ebay but wanted to give the club first shot. Personally I think these are worth their weight in gold I run a set on my JK and they have saved the body numerous times. Asking 125 for these. If you’re interested let me know.


I am interested, I just haven’t bought a jk yet. I found a low mileage sport I’m thinking of making an offer on, I may scoop them up if no one else wants them before they hit craigslist

Any pictures cody?

I’m kinda interested. These would hide the wonderful Chrysler paint on my rockers.

Still got these. Call or text me at 413-858-5800

Post up a pic, I’ll need to figure something out for the yj