JK Lower Control Arm Brackets on Axle

Hey so i smacked my jeep into a concerte light blow and messed up the lower control arm bracket on the axle, they want to replace the axle housing, but i have money tied up into that axle where can i find those brackets to let them know

rustysoffroad.com/rustys-con … ounts.html

let me know if you need help welding them

They want to replace the axle because of a torn off control arm bracket? If it’s not bent, then why (rhetorical question)?

I miss good old-fashioned mechanics who would actually fix something versus these “technicians” who just unbolt something and throw a new part in.

So this isn’t the autobody shop saying this its Geico. They want to replace the whole axle housing. I called the auto body shop. He knows the money I have tied up in that axle. He is going to get the 45 dollar brackets and use the rest of the 1100 for my deductible and maybe other parts :slight_smile:

Ahhhh. Justice!!!


sweet deal

Now we’re talkin!