Jamestown Jeeper

Greetings everyone.

Brian here. New (July 11) to the area. Looking forward to getting together for some great events.

Not real sure how all this works. How do I find information on event locations, trail rides, meetings etc? Are the trail rides family friendly? Would like to bring my kids along on some of the rides.

Again, looking forward to getting together with everyone shortly.


you can find the application for membership on the home page, just fill it out and submit it, once your name turns pink you will be able to view the events forum, We have an easy run next Sunday with space available.

I used to live on Jamestown, which end are you on?

Welcome Brian!!!

We have lots of great events planned for this year.

You can find the application & instructions here:


Hope to see you on the trail soon.

welcome Brian

Thanks everyone.

I just submitted the app via email. I need to pick up a CB this week if I plan on making the trail ride next weekend.



We live on the south end close to McQuades on Columbia Ave.


we wont hold you back from wheeling if you dont have your cb yet. we would just like to have everyone with a cb because it makes keeping together as a group on the trail a little easier.

Welcome Brian,

Are you stationed out here?


Stationed at SWOS in Newport.



My Wife is an NJS instructor, so we have a couple years left here in newport.

I used to live on Howland, Is that little pizza place still Ace’s, if so the sandwiches are pretty awesome

welcome to the forum

Welcome. Nice to “meet” ya.

Welcome to the forum Brian