ISO control arms

Looking at my stock lower fronts this afternoon and notice how banged up there getting. Really need to replace them with something stronger. Figure I’d try the forum first of course. Let me know if anything is out there and what your want for them…

Just an FYI - Make sure to go with something that has a Heim or Johnny joint for flex. Stock TJ control arm (axle) mounts are flimsy and tear easily with a solid control arm.

Thanks Brian. What do you recommend?

something from barrette fabrication

Ricky is a dealer for a bunch of different companies now including Transamerica. He can pretty much get you whatever you want.

Rock Krawler makes some strong control arms. Mike is running them in his buggy.

Good to know it’ll probably be pretty soon. Not sure how much more of a beaten these stock ones can take. :horse: