intake backfires

I’m at a lost. so for a while now my jeep has been backfiring into the intake when driving it got to the point where it was just impossible to drive anywhere, but idles fine, so i decided to get into the timing to try and fix it, now I set the distributor one tooth clockwise and it drives perfectly. all my lost power is back it doesnt lug nothing. but the idles irratic says all 6 cylinders are miss firing and throwing code p1391 missing crank/cam but when it drives its perfect. now ill list what i have replaced. distributor with cam sensor, crank sensor, timing chain, cylinder head, plugs, wires, CAP, TPS, IAC, no vacuum leaks someone help me out?

i noticed when im in one of the two working distributor positions the position where it backfires into the intake , when i open up the throttle im letting more air in and im assuming that the air/fuel ratio is incorrect too much air and not enough fuel but not sure how i could fix that any suggestions?

All stock replacements, or performance parts? You may be a tooth off on the timing chain is my initial thought.

Test your fuel pressure could be a bad fuel pump I saw the same thing happen to a tj thought it was timing but just lack of fuel

I replaced the upstream o2 today. had to bring the entire pipe to midas to rip that thing out. Put it all back together no more back fires and all my throttle response is spot on. a god damn o2 caused me all that freaking trouble :imp:

I can believe that. The CEL light was not kicking out a code for O2 sensor?

The good news is that you are now ready for the camp-n-wheel. Right? :mrgreen:

i’m getting an O2 code on my truck too. i just have to figure out which of the 4 sensors is the bad one

derick the code will tell you which one is bad. that other thing to check is if the flanges in the y pipe are tight.

ya i have to go through everything under there. i’m getting a bunch of rattling every time i hit a bumpy stretch of road.

Just take A ride in my Jeep. You should be good for about another month before a little rattling will start to bug you again. :laughing: