Installing lower control arm skid plates and discos

I picked up a set of lower control arm skid plates from skid row and i’m gonna try to install them today. The directions look pretty straight forward and it looks like I dont even need to lift the Jeep. The only thing that make me a bit nervous is when I installed the lift a few weeks ago it was a real bitch getting the control arm bolt back in (maybe I wasnt level last time). The quick disconnects also look pretty simple to install so i’m gonna just jump right in this morning and hope I dont screw it up because I have a party tonight at 5pm and i need the Jeep to drive. Well wish me luck and hopefully I will be in great shape for tomorrows ride.

just do one at a time and you should be ok. if they dont line back up use you bottle jack to fine tune the position. better yet put the bottle jack under before you start, that way nothing should move. the quick discos are pretty easy my only suggestion with those is have some one help you make the holes for the pins that hold the discos out of the way. put them on and when your ready for the pins position the discos up and hold them there and use a punch to make the spot, hold everything where it is and have your helper mark their spot at the same time. that way when you go to use them everything will line up.

Discos are done and they were pretty easy only took about 45 minutes… Now im moving onto the control arm skids, hopefully they go smooth and thanks for the advice i will put the jack in place before i begin.

good luck. like mentioned above you shouldn’t have that much issues…

i remember when i welded on my new lower control arm brackets… it was such a pain in the butt to get them back in

Just under an hour and control arm skids are on… Now i need to take it for a ride to see how far off the allignment is now.

shouldnt be bad but good luck

speaking of alignment… where is a good place to get one?

I had mine done when I was up in Maine over the 4th weekend and went to Sullivan Tire. They did a good job and it was $75