In desperate need of a XJ A/C bracket.

The clutch fan pulley bearing seized up yesterday and threw the belt. It’s toast. from what I have been reading it’s a dealer only part, and they are VERY expensive. I found the bearing replacement, but the bracket seems to break if you try to press in/out the bearing.

I either need a pre-95 A/C bracket with idler…so I can do an eFan conversion. Or I need a 96+ so I can just both on and go.

I went to the two local Junk yards today and neither one had any Jeeps of any form.

Anyone have anything kicking around ?


Try fb new england offroad trading post

Or get a shorter belt and bypass it till you can find the bracket.

Maybe Jamie or Ricky can chime in on the U-pull it we went to they have a few xj’s an a bunch of zj’s

Search on There are plenty of XJ’s around. Hall’s Auto and North Smithfield Auto should have some.

you can always try jeeps unlimited in providence

would Jeff up at crown have one?

I spent yesterday getting a short belt on, only to have the ALT squeal like a scalded pig no matter what I tried. There doesn’t seem to be enough contact without adding another idler… which I can’t do without either fabricating something from scratch…or getting a 95 or earlier bracket with the idler. I don’t have time to do either unfortunately… so I ordered the new bracket from the dealer for $255 OUCH :frowning:

All the yards I called didn’t have anything, and I didn’t want to pay ridiculous amounts of money expediting shipping from somewhere else and not have it arrive till next week sometime. By the time I figured parts, inconvenience, and my labor…it was easier just to buy the dumb bracket new. I did order the new bearing and will get that pressed in at some point so I can sell the bracket and recoup some cash.

I also bought a used Taurus fan for cheap at the JY so I will do a efan conversion over the summer.

Thanks for the response!

Fwiw, the urgency comes from the fact that I don’t drive my truck in the winter. I don’t want to get salt on it, and it’s a death machine in rain nevermind snow. Looks like we have more slop coming over the weekend.