impact gun

I need to borrow an impact gun, air or electric or cordless. I have an air, but I think it isn’t working well, it won’t loosen a 36mm axle nut. thanks!

i have a socket and a 6ft breaker bar if all else fails

Bob , I got a couple of guns, ya can borrow one , I will not be home till 6pm tonight. I live in cumberland. call me. . AJ

I have one. Could bring it as far as PVD tomorrow. Alternatively, I could meet this evening in the 6-7 timeframe.

[EDIT] Looks like AJ has a simpler solution .

AJ, I will call you. thanks Guys! Derick I had a leverage pipe, all it did was break some of my tools. :laughing:

sounds like its time to get new tools.

let me know if it doesn’t work, i might have some tools we can try to break.

thanks. I do need new tools, such as an impact gun :wink:

bob i got a earthquake one 660ft lbs you can borrow. i’m in coventry 263-7540

I borrowed AJ’s, it didn’t do it. I will F with it tomorrow. :unamused:

You could always grind it off . . . :smiling_imp:

breaker bar, some heat and a tap with a dead blow hammer should be able to take it off. PB blast it in the mean time.

sorry it did not work, I 2nd the soaking it in PB blaster. …AJ

finally got it off, with all the tricks I had.(pb blaster, oxy/acetalyn heat, leverage and the impact gun, going tighten loosen, tighten loosen etc…) it was cross threaded. :unamused: thanks all! AJ, I will bring the gun by

Glad ya finally got it off.