If I Didn't Bad Luck I Wouldn't Have Any

So starting today I heard a pop when pushing in my clutch to switch gears, didn’t think anything of it because it kept shifting gears fine and got no more talking from my clutch…fast track 10 hours later and I just finished getting my jeep towed because my clutch completely let go. It started to make a tapping noise all of a sudden, like baseball cards in bike spokes, and than it just wouldn’t go in gear, at all. Does anyone have any guess on what it may have been? I’m thinking the pressure plate and seeing it’s my DD I’m taking a hell of a wack getting it fixed due to labor. Guess this is just more my way of venting but any help would be greatly appreciated.

wow, that sucks! makes me even more leery about the noises coming from my jeep. good luck!

So my mechanic tore it apart for me today and it’s bad news. The slave cylinder blew and took the clutch with it. It blew inward instead of outward and all the pieces got embedded in the push plate (that’s the ticking noise i was hearing).