idle problem please help!

Please Help i have a problem with my 88yj with a 2 barrel carter carb! I changed the two fuel lines that go from the filter to the carb after doing that it surges at idle. What happened and how do I fix it? :astonished:

You might try a google search or check someplace like JeepForum. I gave up on carbs about 20 years ago but from what I hear, those Carter carbs are a real pain. I think alot of guys end up replacing them with Weber’s (or something like that).

Welcome to the wonderful world of carbs

was it surgeing before the line replacement? one of them lines should be a return to the tank… AJ

assuming you didn’t change the way the lines were set up, it may have gotten some dirt in it. it can be taken apart and cleaned. I dealt with the carter for years before going to the weber. wich also has to be cleaned every so often. research the mc2100 swap, its cheap and effective. other than that, make sure you put the lines in right. hope this helps

Thank you all for your advice. The problem was a vac line that goes to the distrib.

Wow. Vacuum advance. Talk about a flashback.


the same thing happens to my fuel injected when the vac hose falls off.

Glad to hear you found your problem

If I put w webber carb on it will that remove all the vac lines and the problems they cause

yes & no , if ya still have emissions ,it will remove that stuff. go to the webber web sight & you shoulld be able to look up the install manual. I run a webber & like it, but I had to by a carb because mine was junk.