I want this JK...

…so I can get off the baby trails and ride with the big boys!


nice jk… just start building yours. and you will have a similar jeep in no time…

little changes over time go a long way.

if i had a jk, i would get the elolever rear suspension… it looks like it worked really well

also i would build it like the mopar lowwer 40 jk

Baby trails?

Your running 33’s with skids and rock rails. Its all about where you want to go now! :smiling_imp:

yeah, that’s what scares me…

gotta win a few million if I want to build it any more… already got the bill collectors calling me. And now my husband says he is gonna get rid of his perfectly good truck for his own Jeep… he doesn’t like it that I get in the drivers seat now!

I knew it was only a matter of time before he would want his own jeep :laughing: :wink:

crap he has 2 inches on my cj5

and probably a foot or 2 in width

lol true

With the settlement comming up, I was gonna by a challenger, now with loss of the jk going to the drawing board for a modified replacement. Don’t know if I’m so spoiled to return to a jk in used form or get a tj… but got my eyes on 10k worth of mods to what ever direction I go in…

what happened to the jk? also… i personaly would go for a LJ (the tj unlimited) because its lready that the perfect wheel bse (103") and parts re much cheaper for it than a jk…

if you cant get one, get a late 90’s tj… they are cheap to buy, and have no envisions crap in the way of the rear wheel well, which will make trimming and/or stretching easier.

and lastly get the 4.0… much better motor thn the 2.5 and the POS 3.6l JK motor


welcome to the totaled jk club

Elderly driver not paying attention, and tboned the drivers side after running a red light. Im thinking of biting the bullet and getting another JK. it treated me well, and did well offroad with the few modifications I did to it. Ill keep people posted, as wont be till late spring early summer at current forecast.

We JK’ers have a 3.8L american made POS motor thank you. :smiley:

Hey… if it can push caravan’s full of people around for 200000 miles… should last at least half that in my JK… No worries… Hemi build in progress.

np :laughing: