I need a front driveshaft for an XJ

I need a front driveshaft for an automatic XJ. Anybody got one, let me know, I got cash.

jeeps unlimited

I have one , when do you need it?

Sorry to say I will never buy anything from jeeps unlimited again.Mike I’m not in a really big hurry, but I’d like to get it from you this week if possible. How much do you want for it? You can call or text me if you’d like.401 640 4228

I deal with them all the time and have never had a problem. what happened to turn you away?

check henry’s in blackstone ma, they have decent prices. jsut bring your own tools

Im supposed to meet up with mike this sat to grab my wj steering set up, i can grab it for you if you want than meet you somewhere later on

i would like to know as well. Was it awhile ago? alot has changed in the past two years. whatever it was let me know if i can help make it right.