I have been working for weeks to get ready

Sorry I know I have been among the missing lately but I am running for elected office in town and been doing a lot to the jeep and praying it’s all set by fall crawl.

My steering box was leaking like mad so I picked a new one up to install and since I have had really bad bump steer lately I inspected my steering and found a bent drag link. To make a long story short I have installed the new drag link and steering stabilizer and in the process of removing the lines from the old steering box I broke the inlet on the power steering reservoir so I removed the old one ANSI have a new reservoir being shipped.

My passenger side was sagging almost 2 inches lower than drivers side so yesterday and today I have been changing out both rear shocks and springs. Not much fun at all I may add. So later today I hope to mount the new steering box and attach the new drop pitman arm to the steering and then I will be in a holding pattern waiting for the reservoir.

Yea, those reservoirs are a bitch. Very common problem.

Damn…I thought it was because I had such powerful hands… :laughing: