How To Replace A SYE Oil Seal

I had To Repace The Oil Seal On The SYE on my new tcaase, becasue it was leaking…

Tools Needed:

1/4" Drive Ratchet

13mm Socket

1/2" Drive Ratchet

1 1/8" socket

Stright Blade Screw Driver




1 hour

new seal:

here is the seal i ordered for my sye(idk what sye i have), its spec for the teraflex sye…

first i packed the new seal with some grease to hold the spring inplace

then i removed all the bolts holting the drive shaft to the sye output yoke (13mm)

use the 1 1/8" socket to remove the nut that hold the yoke on

pull on the yoke, it should pull off easily

use the screwdriver to pry out the seal, working the srewdrive all the way around the seal

new vs. old

slid on the new seal

use the hammer to ever so lightly tap the seal into the sye, make sure to evenly work all the around the circumfrence of the seal

yay its int!


slide yoke back on

use socket to start and hand tighten the nut

and tighten really tight, ya dont want it coming back off lol

reinstall drive shaft and your done!

rember to start all the bolts on the drive shaft cv joint be for tightening

and your done