Homemade XJ Front Bumper

This is My Homemade Front Bumper For the XJ! Cost me 100 bucks for metal, cutting wheels and paint. I used 1/4 Steel Plate

looks nice and clean

That looks great, Did you reinforce where the steering box bolts up?

looks good just no recovery points.

Nice work. Looks great, now you just need tow points and you are good to go.

Yes I Reinforced the steering box, Snapped bolts because of that stupid aluminum bracket, I got D Rings today and put them on so I have recovery points in the front, I hated not having that before, that stock front bumper sucks

Nice job on the bumper! Next time I drive by the shop I’ll have to stop and check that out

Thank you, Im always there feel free.

Nice work that’s one of my many NEXT projects.

Looks good, nice work