HiLift stuff wanted (mounts, handle isolator, pedestal etc)

I know it’s not the best but I bought an HF farm jack as I had a coupon on $ off. I wanted to spring for the real HiLift but this will hopefully work ok for now. I’m looking for a way to mount it, not sure if I want it on the hood really but we’ll see. Looking for mounts, poly handle isolator, a pedestal stand for using it on soft ground,cover, etc.etc.

I found some online but if I can find it local I’d prefer that.


I’ve got a brand new isolator. If your interested, pm me.

I just use a zip tie for the handle

Got hood mounts if you want them. Custom fabricated by Mad Mike’s Customs.

Donation to the land fund and their yours!

Mike I’ll message you on Facebook I’ll take those & the strap still whenever you’re free.

90yj I’ll pm you now thanks