High Lift jack

Anyone have a place they go to get the essentials? In Nevada I would just run down to Summit, but here I am not sure.

I also need a C/B, tow strap, shovel kit, and fire extinguisher. Where does everyone go to get this gear? I found a couple but before I get them just checking out where everyone else gets the gear.

Check out www.4wd.com for the CB. They have package deals that include radio, antenna, and mounting brackets. You might check out Tractor Supply for the other items.

Tractor Supply, Harbor Freight, Walmart, Crown, for a real Hi-Lift you’ll have to order through 4wd hardware,

Tractor Suppy does have Hi-Lift brand.

For that matter, I have an old (and I mean OLD) Hi-Lift jack that you can have for free. Needs some fresh paint and a rebuild. You can get the rebuild kit at Tractor Supply.

Is tractor supply online or is there a store out here? Thanks for all the input much appreciated.

Thank you, will you be at the meet tonight?

http://www.4WD.comis your best bet. They will have everything you need. Places like Harbor Freight, you have to remember that you get what you pay for… not great quality, but if that’s all the budget allows, then just work with it.

They are on rt 3 in coventry

Harbor Freight = Trail tools and tow straps, and a decent low priced winch

Yes. But the meet is today not tonight. :smiley:

I’ll bring it to give an idea what you are up against. I opted to just buy a new one.

you can also try 4wheelonline.com. I’ve found their prices to be lower at times, and shipping is usually free

and we get 10% off with 4wd.com

what, 10%?

But you need to call in the order and tell them the club name. Even better, at the end of the year they send the club a check for a percentage of the total amount spent by everybody.

ya its not much but it something. weigh that against quadratech’s free shipping. both are good resources for parts. we should see if we can get a deal going with quad, they always have good prices and have always been fast with shipping for me, better than 4wd actually.

I think some one tried in the beginning but had no luck.
cant hurt to try again though

so if i call in an order all i have to do is drop osj. thats pretty cool

More or less. The end discount depends on how good of a talka you are. . .

they gave us account numbers or you can just tell them you are with OSJ and they should apply the discount. we should probably call up and get numbers for the new members.