Just Saying Hello, Lifelong Jeep owner. Have a couple on the street and one in redevelopment.
Looking Foward to meeting like Minded, Or out of Thier Minded as the case may be.
Running a 9er on the street.
Running a ZJ for a Dog car.
Running a CJ-7 Beach and mild offroad.
Rebulding(again) CJ-8 Trail Rig.
Guess I never met a Jeep I didn’t Like!


I like you already!

Welcome. Don’t forget to e-mail an application:



Welcome happy Turkey day


Jeeps and dogs, seems like a top notch guy! Welcome and Happy T-day

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the group


Mmmmm niner… Welcome aboard.

Impressive series of Jeeps, Welcome to the forum

welcome! Nice to see there are other addicts out there! :sunglasses:


welcome to the team

Thanks all for the warm welcome, Been busy as hell making a living.
Time for a Break! Heading down the Keys for a bit! Be back next Year.
Hope all have a Great Christmas and an Awsome New Year! Looking Fwd. to attending some events in the coming year. I have a shop in Newport with pretty good facilities, Would like to
do a Tech Day if there is any interest.
Anyway Be Safe!