Hi thank you for letting me join your club my names Andy I’m 23 I have a 87 yj 4.5 inch leafs and 1.5 inch shackles sitting on 33 inch super swampers with holley 2300 carb and the start of a DIY snorkel just need to run it out of the fender if anyone in the Narragansett area has a big enough drill bit :slight_smile:

Here’s a pic of my rig

welcome to the forum.


Welcome. A drill or a hole saw?

welcome Andy. i was the one talking to you on FB.

Nice to meet u all and what ever would be easiest to make a circle hole in my passanger side fender for a 2.5 inch PVC pipe to go threw

I got a super charger bonnet tht is water tight tht fits rite over my carb inlet and have it piped all the way to the fender and just have a cone filter on it rite now so haven’t taken it wheeling since I started building the snorkel

drill a hole and use a skill saw to make the hole bigger.

Don’t have a skill saw I was thinking about trying one of the drill bits used to make holes for door knobs but don’t know if it would cut threw sheet metal

How did u get some much flex out of your yj

Never mind on my phone thought I saw square headlights

Rule number 1: Don’t listen to Derick
Rule number 2: Eric is always right

Yes, hole saws will easily cut through sheet metal. I use them to cut through plate steel. Conveniently enough I happen to have a 2 1/2" hole saw . . . holding it it my hand as I type . . . and I live in Exeter about a mile and half from the Home Depot in North Kingstown.

P.S. I think I might have got those rules backward.

I’ve got work at 4 but I’m off tomorrow if u wouldn’t mind cutting a hole for me

Sorry, I don’t do holes . . .

But you are welcome to cut it yourself. You can even use my drill. I am hoping to take the day off tomorrow so that I can replace the failing power steering pump on my truck. I shall PM you my number and address.


I don’t know how I feel about rule #2. :laughing:


Fixed it
Welcome to the club,