Hi-lift Jack Mounts for Wrangler

Hey does anybody know or have some mounts they would like to sell or where to get some to mount it to my jeep. I found some online for the roll bar but it cost more than the Jack. RIDICULOUS!!

So if you have an extra or a place to go for it shoot me a response please!!

Thank you…

I have these which are brand new:

4wd.com/Jeep-Winches-Jeep-Wi … H%2fL4X400

Thought I could find a way to adapt them to my ZJ but could not.

Here’s a link to a pretty cool cheap mount ($5) that you can get at any hardware store. It is shown on an older 2 door but have been told it will work for the new JK’s. This is something I will be doing next week.

what u mean could not??? u got a welder

No linky?

My bad haha.

moabjeeper.com/articles/tech … icleID=224

I was looking for that all night, fencing never crossed my mind for those. Great idea… all I need.

Those worked perfectly!!