Hi i'm from warwick

Hi a guy named jamie stopped me and told me to check you guys out. So i figured my 1st stop should be here to introduce myself and my rig. My name is mike and I have a 1990 Cherokee laredo 4 door 4.0 I6 lifted to the sky!!! Anyways feel free to say hi and to check out pics of my rig @Mike Girardi friend me on facebook.

Welcome to the forum.

welcome, nice user name! hahaa

Jamie? We don’t know no Jamie! :mrgreen:

But welcome!!!

And don’t forget to e-mail in an application:


Hope to see you on the trail soon. Major event coming up in a couple weeks . . .

Hey welcome to the forum glad u made it on hope to see your nice xj out on the trail soon we have lots of cool stuff come up as I explain hope to see u soon @ eric no jamie ok that’s like saying you go somewear with out beer

:laughing: Eric with no beer… the day that happens is the day after the world has ended. :laughing:

welcome Mike

Welcome to the forum, Mike! Hope to see you make it to some events.

Hey thx guys it was cool to meet a few of you today and see your sick rides!!! I will definitely come check out a few events. In the meantime i figured i’d fill you guys in a little on my XJ. I’ll Start with the lift. RE Extreme duty leaf springs military wrapped w/overload spring and 4 degree shims and rough country U-bolts, Pro comp ES3000 shocks, ??? Coils and MO 1 3/4" spacers, RE9900/9905 Control arm drop mounts, Steering stabilizer, Drop pitman arm, JKS Disko’s, JKS Lifted greasable shackles, Rough Country SS brake hoses, 16X8 Cragar street locks wrapped in 35" BF Goodrich MT’s Now the other odds n ends… Custom 3" Homemade tube front Bumper and rear tube bumper from a YJ Buswhacker Flares, Grant wheel, Clinometer, HP D30 stock gears and the junk ass D35c also stock, Safari roof rack w/spare tire mount, Custom grill, and a bunch of other crap i can’t remember off the top of my head. Oh stuff on my install list tho are my trailer hitch, my diamond plate rocker panels, and my rock sliders. If anyone has any tips on these projects feel free to chime in at any time lol!

Welcome to the forum

Welcome to the forum, glad to see Warwick is comeing in strong. We need more Tj’s though :laughing:

Ask and you shall receive. Warwick AND a TJ here :slight_smile: trying to recruit a few of my other Jeep friends to join as well.

Welcome to the forum…


If the receiver hitch is anything like a JK or Tacoma, it’s a piece of cake. Quadratec made the one for my JK. Inexpensive and easy to install. I installed a Curt on the Tacoma. A little harder to install due to weight. Still a 1 person job.

I checked on Quadratec. They have 2 receiver hitches that will fit your vehicle providing it fits in the “XJ” sizing. They range from 173- to 250+. I didn’t read if they included the wiring harness.

Welcome to the forum Mike.