Hi from West Warwick

Hi Everyone,

I’m Danielle. My Jeep Wrangler is just 1 week old. I am a new Jeep owner and am excited to become a part of your group. Although I might need to wait a year or so before I okay with intentionally getting my new baby muddy. :wink:

Welcome Danielle!

No need to worry about the mud. Most of us try to avoid mud like the plague. Keep checking the Events forum. We have lots going on this year. Hope to meet you soon.

Welcome to the forum Danielle. Mud’s the fun part…lol I got my XJ muddy and full of snow on the day i test drove it!

Welcome to the forum and give it time and you will embrace the mud

welcome Danielle. we have a bunch of fun meet and greet events coming up in the next couple months, maybe we can convince you to get you new jeep a little muddy after a couple of those

yay! Glad you made it Danielle… Can’t wait to see the new wheels! :smiley:

Welcome to the forum

Welcome Danielle


? Hi Danielle
Like Duff said… I’m all about embracing the mud and wearing my mud :slight_smile: my feeling is… It’s ethier got to be MUDDY or the tires have to shine.

I get such a rush playing with my jeep.

Enjoy and you decide!


:smiley: Thanks everyone. Will check out the events page. Can’t wait to meet all of you.

Yea I said the same thing and was out on a trail within a month. haha… Just do it! Everyone was right, you start to get over the scratches… haha

welcome Danielle


Hi Danielle…I am pretty new and just recently got my rig muddy. 2012 Rubicon with only 3200 miles :angry: but it was a blast


Don’t worry about the mud. Its the rocks and trees that to the damage.