Hi from Smithfield

Hello Jeepers,

I’m Scott and just moved back to RI from VA after retiring from the Army. I have an 04 TJ sport with OME 2.5" lift with 33x12.50 and most of the usual Jeep upgrades. I was part of a great wheeling group in VA and hope this to be the same.

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome Scott!

welcome Scott, we have a lot going on in the next couple months so hopefully we’ll see you out at some events. be sure to submit your application so we can open up the events section of the forum for you.


Like Derick said, e-mail in an application so that you can see what we have going on:


Welcome scott. Fellow Smithfield resident and a retired vet. Looking forward to meeting ya.


I’m in Johnston just off 44

Welcome…I live in the same location!

Welcome hope to meet u soon

Welcome to the forum



Welcome to the forum

Thank you for all the greetings. I’m looking forward to meeting you all and getting some wheeling in.

I recommend this:

come meet us at the Oakland Beach car show most of us hang out down there every Tuesday from 5 o’clock till they kick us out

Next Tuesday I’m there. But would I get an address to this place. I’ve been away from RI for 21 years, I’m a little fuzzy.

Google iggy’s clam shack. The car show is right down the road. If you want to park with the group they charge 2 bucks toparkonthe grass

The cops aren’t as bad here as they are in VA…so speed away…with caution.

Thanks for the directions. Cops here shouldnt bother me. I use my directional (blinker), my headlights work and I know when to put them on. :stuck_out_tongue: